The visit starts on the ground floor, continues on the second one and ends on the first floor.

The tour allows a journey full of memory and life thanks to the precious legacy of a region: everyday objects, simple yet full of feelings, that describe the history of a society and a territory.

Ground floor

The visit begins with an audiovisual that sums up the history of the museum over its 80 years of existance, through its main characters and its main collections. The first collection that the visitor finds is the one from prehistoric times, with objects found during the prospection works made by the archaeologist Dr. Eudald Carbonell and his team.

Second floor

The sound of the sheep bells welcome the visitor to the second floor. First there is a small and significant space in memory of the old museum. Next, the visitor finds the diorama of the shepherds, done in 1932 by Salvador Alarma and Josep Mestres Cabanes. Then there are the collections related to the shepherds and the farmers, two jobs that are still relevant today in the region.

First floor

The visit continues on the first floor where the visitor discovers other traditional and significant jobs that existed in the region. In Ripoll,  craftsmen elaborated and traded everything that people needed: clogs, wine boots, candles, baskets, etc. And on Saturday, market day, trade relations united farmers, shepherds and craftsmen.